Digital Economy Act Compliance For Any Business


Napoto has created SafetyNet which provides an enterprise level solution for Digital Economy Act compliance and protection


Protect your customers, your business and yourself


Meet Digital Economy Act requirements for ISPs

Made Easy

No technical knowledge or training required by staff or users

SafetyNet Internet Protection System Features

Block Inappropriate Content


Napoto’s SafetyNet uses advanced categorisation algorithms to dynamically identify and block inappropriate content

Digital Economy Act Compliance


Napoto provides a certified solution which ensures your company is complying with the Digital Economy Act with regards to content filtering and pirated material

SafetyNet Implementation Options


Choose an option that works best for your business

SafetyNet Access Point

SafetyNet Access Point provides full fledged protection for your business network, blocking inappropriate content, pirated material, malware and more

SafetyNet Cloud

SafetyNet Cloud provides a one-step setup to block inappropriate content being shown on your business network


Most visited websites


Constant scanning of the worlds most popular websites to ensure that our protection is always up to date


New websites every day


Napoto’s cutting edge Artificial Intelligence analyses and categorises internet content 24/365


Click away


Without SafetyNet, inappropriate and dangerous content is only one click away

Digital Economy Act Compliance


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