We started Napoto with one very simple idea: to look after the little guys. As parents ourselves, we want to protect children online. The first step is to reliably identify what is not appropriate for children to be exposed to. So we created SafetyNet that uses our artificial intelligence to categorise content, in real time.


With the changes from the Digital Economy Act 2017, means wifi hotspot owners are responsible for the content its users are distributing and consuming.


After analysing what solutions exist it was clear that black lists is todays way of content filtering.

Napoto’s SafetyNet strength lies in the fact that it is not a list at all. More than 13000 websites are launched every day, making black lists obsolete before they are published.


Napoto’s SafetyNet differs because we can achieve real-time categorisation using artificial intelligence. Our sophisticated infrastructure is constantly growing, learning and evolving. Thus ensuring the best compliance with the new law and protecting children.